New Zealand - The World's Leading Dairy Producer

Blessed with the ideal climate and wide open spaces, New Zealand is the ideal country for pastoral farming which grows healthy livestock for the production of milk products and meat. New Zealand has just under 10 million hectares of grassland.

New Zealand farmers are amongst the most efficient in the world. Our country of 4.3 million people produces enough animal food products to feed over 50 million people each year. Dairying is New Zealand’s largest industry with over half of our export earnings coming from the agricultural sector.

Our farming systems are predominately grass based, and our use of world leading technologies minimises labour input to generate maximum productivity and profitability. A sound reason to consider investing in our farming industry. 

The world population is forecast to reach 8 billion by 2030. There is significant growth in China and India, where a huge middle class is emerging, and the consumption of protein (dairy and meat products) is steadily increasing. New Zealand is ideally situated on the Pacific rim to supply these emerging markets.

Falling Supply and Increasing Demand = Investment Opportunity

There is also a reduction in the amount of arable land available in the world. This is being reduced by urbanization and the competition of other crops. This shortage of productive land is likely to see upwards pressure on prices.

Our largest dairy processing company – Fonterra – supplies 1/3 of cross border global trade each year. They process over 22 billion litres of milk annually and supply dairy products to 140 countries around the world.

Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited offers you the opportunity to share in the success of New Zealand’s dairy industry through farm investment.

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